60 Second Intl. Film Festival

“60 Second Intl. Film Festival is more than a festival, It is a union of art and media from all around the globe with the purpose of inspiring many.”

Abrar ul Hassan

Founder/Festival Director

60SIFF: Connecting to Film Enthusiasts Across the Globe

Empowering the Youth within 60 Seconds!

Morango , famous for 60SIFF, has continuously aspired to promote the culture of filmmaking by nurturing an environment for an exchange of ideas through the collaborative efforts of professionals and youth alike

Film is the dialect of the new generation, and with the short attention spans in the digital era of so many distractions, the 60 Second Intl. Film Festival celebrates expression in the language familiar to everyone: film. The 60 Second Intl. Film Festival (60SIFF) aims at empowering the youth by providing a platform to express themselves through film and visual storytelling. 60SIFF encourages anyone with a story to step up and film his or her thoughts in 60 seconds.

For more than half a decade, talking about deep-rooted social issues through 60 second films has been a source of inspiration and empowerment for youth by nurturing a positive learning experience and by providing a platform that views of masses.

Such is the impact of 60SIFF, to educate, aware and inspire.

Every year 60SIFF receives hundreds of films from all over the world celebrating the good and addressing the bad. The best films are featured at the festivals for years to come and the best filmmakers become a part of the alumni network of talented storytellers who share and grow with the support of one another.

60SIFF has not only been a platform to celebrate the work of creative minds, but has also nurtured and developed the minds of untapped talent through intensive trainings and workshops on filmmaking and storytelling.

Every year, the festival is kicked off with an open call for film submissions from filmmakers across the world and the best films make it to the screenings and road shows that span all over the year to numerous cities and countries.





60 Second Intl. Film Festival:

Tell a story in 60 Seconds and make an impact for change!

60SIFF’s App

The 60SIFF App is a smartphone application that has been developed to enable ease in submitting film entries to the festival and allow users access to other information regarding the festival at all times in an extremely easy way.

Download the app and stay updated on all things 60SIFF now!