DGS- Deliberate By Design

dgs world is a provider of outsourced online customer acquisition solutions principally to large, consumer-facing organizations and to clients offering products or services to business users. A business seeking to attract customers online can do so by procuring advertising from search engines and other providers, directing consumer attention to a website or a sales center, and then selling interested consumers its products or services. dgs provides outsourced solutions to businesses for some or all components of this set of online customer acquisition services. As an outsourcer, dgs will procure paid search advertising, develop and manage branded web sales portals, and establish and maintain sales centers for its clients.

Communication objective

dgs requires young confident work force, capable to communicate to the world and fluent in English.

They are offering lucrative packages, unique work environment and above all a great learning experience.

Target Audience

The targeted age bracket is 18 to 30 years of urban population. They are young, full of fresh ideas, technology savvy, social, exposed to the new global trends. Derived by ambitions, these individuals are always eager to learn new things, adapts to new horizons and evolve constantly.

Communication Strategy

The communication will focus of their ambitions whereas the language and placement of messages will be according to their media consumption habits.

Step #1 – THE Gate Pass

A QR code will be placed in different visual mediums asking viewers if they know what to do with it. Upon scanning the code will direct the viewer to the career page of DGS website.

┬áStep #2 – Celebrating Youth

A series of ads depicting talent Hunt. The perks are placed in as tempting bates whereas a simple copy concludes the message.