Heritage Now

Basic Intro:

The British Council, Walled City of Lahore Authority, French Embassy in Pakistan, Higher Education Commission of Pakistan, UNESCO and Government of Pakistan National History & Literary Heritage Division joined hands to present a two-day festival celebrating and reflecting upon the heritage of Pakistan, at the Alhamra Arts Council Lahore on 21-22 October. The festival was presented with the support of U.S. Embassy Pakistan, European Union, Alliance Francaise Lahore and others.


The greatest challenge in the campaign was the creation of the logo as it was required to represent the South Asian region, while portraying multiple aspects of Pakistan’s tangible and intangible heritage. Additionally, it was challenging to create a campaign representing such a large number of partners.


Keeping all aspects of the campaign in mind, Morango designed a logo shaped like a location marker, as a means to represent all the heritage sites of Pakistan. The paisley integrated within the logo represents a pattern popularly associated with the Indian subcontinent and seen in various Pakistani  cultural artefacts. The design also represents the centre of a peacock feather, which has been widely integrated in ancient architectural designs.

In order to build a unified campaign representing all partners of the festival, Morango created a Facebook event page, which successfully disseminated a synchronized message from all partners.


Morango ran a successful social media campaign for Heritage Now, generating the following results:

  1. Facebook Event Page Reach: 0.32M
  2. Facebook Posts Reach (Through British Council Pakistan’s page): 1.4M
  3. Twitter Impressions: 3.3M
  4. Instagram Impressions: 1.5M
  5. Online Banners Promotion: 0.14M

Total: 6.67M


In the pre-event phase of the campaign, Morango worked on initiating conversation about heritage among the target audience, which mostly included the youth. Morango also shared engaging content on social media in order to create hype. The campaign hashtag #HeritageNow was trending on Twitter from 20-22 October, generating an active response from several influencers and opinion leaders.