Izhar by Film Festival

Morango, a prominent advocate for freedom of expression and empowering the youth to talk about issues that matters most, set out to create yet another platform which engaged young students and professionals in a manner to train and educate them in storytelling and filmmaking along with providing them with a platform to display their work.

This platform is based on the power of expression, and the inspiration was found in the Urdu word ‘Izhar’. Izhar literally means expression, and so came to be the Izhar By Film Fellowship which set to train, empower and mentor youth from not only one city but throughout the nation and eventually the world.

The Izhar By Film Fellowship every time, has a focus area be it the social and political rights of women, empowering citizens through storytelling, citizen journalism or even accountability in the nation. This begins by an open call for application from young and talented individuals, the best of which are trained and mentored for the duration of the program, leading up to their final project submissions on the theme of the fellowship.

The best filmmakers and storytellers are awarded in the form of scholarship grants which go towards their capacity building and professional growth. That’s not all, the Morango team continues to support and mentor these youths in the form of internships, job placements, and everlasting guidance. This platform is not only training, but a complete package for those passionate for raising their voice and becoming the leaders of tomorrow using new media.

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