In the Loop

Reaching out to the Youth

In The Loop Today, consists of numerous colorful animations of English idioms and their translations in Urdu along with examples, which will facilitate in learning idioms in an interactive and fun way. The motive is to make use of the English language prevalent in the day-to-day lives of the Pakistani people, by adding the cultural and techie flavor in the learning experience of the language.

The aim is to engage students, in various cities who are part of the Access network or other schools in Pakistan with sufficient exposure to English language and inculcate in them the habit of reading and support the culture of learning and enhancing English language skills.

A Strategic Vision

In the Loop is a project that has been developed with the goal to strengthen
people-to-people ties between the United States and Pakistan to increase mutual
understanding through education and English language instruction with the help of animated videos of English idioms and the local Pakistani language equivalents.
The underlying objectives of this project included promoting the usage of English
language idioms expression in daily lives of Pakistani youth, educating the youth and enhancing their English language skills. The app also engaged the students in game based learning; making the difficult process of learning idioms easy and fun.

The A-Ha Moment

The app has its own website, and a variety of items have been designed for its
promotion, such as standees, posters and app cards, etc.
The app has a library of 500 animated videos of idioms which can be streamed online. This means the app does not take much space in the user’s phone. The user can search and learn idioms through several different categories. The app contains a search, add to favorite and share button, to provide the user with easy access. The app is compatible with all tablets and smartphones running Android and IOS. The app does not need any specfic maintenance. However, it gets regularly updated with new options and features based on the feedback from users.

“While working on the In the Loop Today app, I realized what a comprehensive
experience it would be in the long run. The application inculcates the habit of
reading in children which I think is an imperative part of growing into intelligent


Project Phases

The production of Idioms was approached in a systematic manner whereby the
process was divided into the following phases: scripting phase, the designing
phase, animation phase, production phase, the programming phase and finally
the distribution phase. The scripting phase involved the selection of 500 idioms with the most adequate equivalents in local Pakistani languages. It also included the planning and designing of the curriculum for the idioms and deciding wording of phrases in regional languages. The designing phase consists of designing of templates for the overall application and animated clips, designing each component of the visuals of the application and video clips, integrating all the designed visuals into a logical structure and finally designing the User Interface (UI) for the application.  The phase of animation focused on animating every designed visual. Following this, the production phase entailed converting the animations for every idiom into video files to be installed in the application and creating background music and sound effects voice-overs both English and Urdu for the application/videos.

Building For Future

In order to maintain sustainability, social media platforms have been developed to serve as an apex for the exchange of knowledge about different idioms. Social media has also been used to promote these idioms in different regional languages. The app has also been uploaded on an online platform and made available to the target audience.