Minute Story

Minute Story is a video editing application that has been designed to make every captured moment a live story to share for free. The concept of Minute Story was created in anticipation to create a video editing mobile application advanced to every other video editing application available in the market. After analyzing the competition, we initiated to build an app with a tool list that others could only dream of.

A Strategic Vision

Since captured imagery has been proved an influential technique, Minute Story seeks to accomplish the following objectives:

  • Encourage individuals to explore the art of storytelling by simplifying the process through their hand sets.
  • Save time with the help of the in-phone editing feature.
  • Encourage users to introduce their very own live stories with the help of the engaging interface with trouble-free tools within the app.
  • Allow the users to edit the clips by adding sound and transitions for a transformed video story.

Minute Story brings together all the features you need to develop a visual story to your personal device and allows you to become the boss of cinematography, edits and even the sounds. All this, and minute story also allows you to share your masterpiece with your audience with ease.

Award winning App!

Morango was presented an award for the ‘Best in Media & Entertainment Technologies’ for the minute story app by the Pakistan Software Houses Association for IT & ITES (P@SHA) at its 13th annual ICT Awards in 2016 for the innovation. Minute Story has time and gain proven to be an app that enables users to complete their film or story with ease.

So download now and become a storyteller yourself!


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