Police Awam Saath Saath

Building the public support for Pakistan Police

Morango has always aimed to educate, inspire and promote patriotism and the strengthening of institutions in Pakistan. Building the public support for Pakistan Police has been one of the motives, as reflected through the work in the infamous Police Awam Saath Saath campaign.

This is a mass communication and outreach campaign which aimed to bridge the gap between the police and the public by highlighting the need for public to provide better support to the Police; and solving obstacles faced by both the public and the police through open communication to build appreciation for their efforts.

Morango played an important role in generating awareness of the challenges endured by the police to enable the public to have a deep understanding of their work and have a better relation with the police and demand reforms to support law enforcement.  This was done by Public Service Announcements, Print Ads, Social Media engagement plans, sub campaigns, a Music Video and much more.

The campaign’s goal has been to celebrate the police and to allow them to gain the respect they surely deserve as a first step forward towards public and police hand in hand.

Main Objectives

Build greater understanding of the constraints under which the police operate, thereby building greater appreciation for their efforts among citizens and generating bottom up demand for policy reform.

Showcase and highlight best practices being implemented by individual police officers across the country to encourage wider adoption of local best practices.

The campaign aims to affect real improvements in police effectiveness by stimulating bottom-up pressure for reforms and providing a public platform to debate and discuss challenges and constraints.

A Strategic Vision

Police Awam Saath Saath is exclusively designed to build greater understanding of how the police operate; generating appreciation by showcasing the positive work of police; and encouraging much-needed bottom up reforms and open public discussion to debate the challenging hurdles.

“We all talk about bringing a change in the society. I was privileged to be a part of something that actually impacted the society directly, and helped in building a favorable image of the police force in Pakistan.”

Abrar ul Hassan

Campaign Director

Online Presence


“I believe that Police Awam Saath Saath has been a great medium in recognizing the otherwise neglected efforts of the Pakistani Police force”

Usman Khalid

IT Manager at NRSP

Content Generation & Evaluation Process

Content generation process

  • Stakeholder consultations
  • Concept generation
  • Concept/copy testing
  • Production
  • Consultations
  • Finalization
  • Dissemination

Evaluation process

  • Pre-baseline qualitative research
  • Baseline quantitative research from 9000 respondents
  • End-line quantitative research from 9000 survey respondents

Post-end line qualitative research