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Founder & Creative Director

Abrar holds a distinguishing professional edge, which is a combination of his vast experience in the media, public policy, and advocacy through digital media. One of the most acclaimed projects spearheaded by him is Police Awam Sath Sath, which is an outreach campaign, primarily aiming at building public support for Pakistani police. The project has done advocacy for police reforms and law enforcement, by using mass communication campaigns and social/digital media. The project allowed him to engage with government institutions, like the National Police Bureau and Ministry of Interior, in collaboration with USIP and INL.

Hassan is also the founder & festival director of the 60 Second Intl. Film Festival, an initiative aimed at mobilizing youth and masses from around the world to practice their freedom of expression using digital messaging as a tool. The project hinges on SDGs and societal reforms etc., with an aim to build the capacity of youth by creating a learning platform, and has engaged 250,000 youths over the years, receiving film submissions from over 42 countries.

Hassan owns and manages Morango, an entity that develops and builds advocacy and promotional campaigns, as well as does offline/on-ground engagements with the community. Moreover, he developed a campaign addressing Electoral Violence; primarily leveraging digital/social media as platform to encourage citizens to exercise their voting responsibility, advocate peaceful voting, and discouraging the use of hate speech or violence in the process.

Hassan is also a fellow at the Conflict Transformation and Peace Building Program at the World Learning SIT institute in Vermont, USA. The exposure acquired through this program adds to his driving force to work on addressing key policy issues in Pakistan and further his work in advocacy.

Hassan has led prominent projects for organizations like UNWomen Pakistan, United States Institute for Peace, and Open Society Foundation.

Affan Alam

Being a designer I hold major responsibility to give voice to the unheard and play my part towards a social change. My true interest lies in change for social good that allows more interaction between people, design, and society. I consider that good design has the capacity to alter the way we function in a society.