Zoya is a health and wellness mobile app for female users in Pakistan. It not only gives them access to critical healthcare information in multiple local languages but also connects them to experts in various fields from the privacy of their own homes.


Read, watch and listen to the latest information on a wide range of health and wellness issues affecting girls. From menstrual shaming to depression to acne to weight management, my newsfeed is carefully curated to address anything and everything that impacts the quality of our lives. Not too keen on English? Listen to the articles in Urdu, Punjabi, Pashto or Saraiki.

Symptoms Checker

Feeling nauseous but can’t figure out what’s going on? Use my interactive Symptoms Checker to see all possible explanations, their prevention, and treatment as well as what questions to ask your physician. It’s an essential health tool that’ll help you make informed healthcare decisions.

Period Tracker

Manage your monthly cycle with me. Stay prepared, get period alerts, understand irregularities and even anticipate mood swings through this useful tool.

Home Remedies

Tried and tested daadi ke totke for maintaining everyday health through diet, herbs, and exercise.

Ask an Expert

Need a medical question answered right way?
Chat on-the-go with a live professional.